About Me

Interesting Info.: As far as personality goes, I’m generally somewhat shy and introspective. I’m definitely a “hopeful romantic…hopeful,” to quote Kathleen Turner in ‘Romancing The Stone’. I don’t usually smile a whole lot, so I think some people write me off as unapproachable…I’m a huge fan of science fiction and fantasy, especially the latter! (Also coming soon: a page on all my favorite 80’s fantasy films.) I’m semi-fluent in French, adore French history, poetry (especially Rimbaud and Baudelaire), cuisine, and culture in general, and have been to France four times so far. I’m a voracious reader, passionate about languages. I don’t think I will ever have children. I don’t smoke; never have and never will, and I detest it when people smoke around me. (I say keep your cancer and emphysema to yourself!)