Girls get down and help out in Africa

My Abbagirl website isn’t just about that fantastic Swedish foursome that made the most amazing tunes ever !!! Every once in a while I like to post positive stories about good things being done in the world 🙂 Tania Sinic is a Swedish girl who is a director at African Sunrise Volunteers in Cape Town, South Africa. The company specializes in assisting volunteers and interns find suitable placements in projects in South Africa. It has become very popular to volunteer in South Africa in recent years. Tania has been traveling back and forth between Sweden and South Africa since 2008, spending on average 3 months in South Africa each year working with street children, homeless people, abused women and participating in various feeding schemes. Nowadays, Tania is spending almost nine months of the year in South Africa and only three months in Sweden where she spends a great deal of time on promoting African Sunrise Volunteers to Swedish youth and students, demonstrating how they could be of service to the many needy and underprivileged people in South Africa by  making the choice to volunteer in Africa. It does take a certain kind of individual that is able to freely give of themselves and share their knowledge and training to better the everyday life of much less fortunate. Having said that, more and more university students are making the choice to take the plunge and it’s fantastic to discover that there are such a great number of kind people about. There has been a consistent increase in applications by individuals eager to volunteer in South Africa. Africa is rather popular with young people intending to fulfill an internship, and kind hearted folks offering to volunteer and participate in the programs and jobs being managed by Charity Organizations in the area. African Sunrise Volunteers is the real deal, providing quality support for their applicants and channeling their skills all the way through into the programmes that hopefully will profit from their input.

Swedish volunteers in Africa, Cape Town

Tania Sincic and Carina Roper have gradually built up their company using any profits earned to reinvest into their work, offering them more time to manage fundraisers and offer support to organizations in need. A portion of the fee that each intern or volunteer pays to the agency is donated to the project on which they work whilst in South Africa. Tania, having spent over eight years in South Africa is a fantastic brand ambassador for African Sunrise Volunteers whilst she is in Sweden. Because of her experience and dedication, Tania is able to allay any fears that potential volunteers and interns may have about coming to volunteer in South Africa. Issues often addressed are safety, accommodation and transport and the relevance of the project that the volunteer or intern will be assigned to, to their specific passion or studies.

Where African Sunrise is really outstanding, is placing interns and volunteers in the best projects most suited to their individual skill sets. People who have studied psychology or have an interest in psychology would be enrolled in a course that typically best utilizes their knowledge or their interest. Folks who have undertaken studies in Photography, would be placed into a project or outreach programme that will put their specific talents or commitment to most efficient use. This is truly a win/win condition for the intern, volunteer plus the project. The volunteer or intern gains beneficial first hand working experience in the area they may have trained in, or are curious about, and additionally, the projects are boosted by the added effort plus their enthusiasm. I had a look at some of the info on the African Sunrise Volunteers website and it appears that they even supply internships and volunteers in projects where students with legal or computer skills can be used.

I went over to the African Sunrise Volunteers website and found it to be an extremely useful source of information for anybody interested in becoming a volunteer in South Africa, or completing an internship in South Africa. So, if you’re an Abbagirl reader and are looking to take a gap year before or after your studies, I would recommend you take a look at this Swedish flavored treat !